"The art of Influence training was well received by the whole class, I think Barry hit a home run.  Everyone enjoyed his engaging style, fun stories, relevant honest message and most importantly the ways to apply his teachings.   Barry gave a compelling message that was personal, fresh and easy to apply!" 

Bill  (Denver, CO)


"The Art of Influence will make you think twice about everything you've ever learned about influence. As Barry so wonderful presented and displayed, it's not something you "do" to other people but rather something that starts with how you shape and transform your own thought process and observation on how to connect with people.  Now, all I need is "The Art of  Influencing  teenagers...to do what I ask the first time!"  Barry, do you have an  influence classes for that? :-)"
Lorraine (Denver, CO)

"I took the PrimeMind Influence training and loved it. I've tried using a few things since - re; mirroring people's body language, using similar tones, etc. It was very cool and engaging."
Sean (Denver, CO)


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